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What New Managers Can - and Should - Learn Fast

What New Managers Can and Should Learn Fast Your first management job is a big deal, and a clear sign you’re accomplishing something positive in your career. It’s also the first time your job performance will be primarily dictated by the performance of others. As you probably know, not every promotion ...Read More

Managerial Courage

Managerial Courage Most employee attitude and leadership skill surveys have items about how employees feel about the amount, timeliness and quality of feedback they’re getting and how they feel about the interest of their managers in their development, training, and careers. These ...Read More

The Healing Power of Forgiveness

The Healing Power of Forgiveness If you've ever been harmed by someone you understand how difficult it can be to offer forgiveness. Forgiveness may feel counter-intuitive depending on the circumstances, and you may find yourself harboring ill-will or resentment. As if all this wasn't difficult ...Read More

Five Tips for Bringing Happiness into Your Life

According to Aristotle, happiness “is the meaning and the purpose of life, the whole aim and end of human existence.” We all want to feel happy, and each one of us has different ways of getting there. Here are 5 tips to help bring more happiness into your ...Read More

Ten Tips for Improving your Listening Skills

Ten Tips for Improving your Listening Skills Being a good listener helps you connect with family, friends, and coworkers, and in turn, people in your life will feel respected, appreciated and more comfortable opening up to you. Below are 10 tips for improving your listening skills: 1. Take time to talk ...Read More

Personal Development IS Career Development

In his recent podcast on Embracing a Growth Mindset, Mike Robbins said something that made me shout out loud, “That’s it!!” He said (something like), “When people ask me for advice on career development, I tell them the most powerful thing they can do is ...Read More

5 Simple Ways to Practice Mindfulness

5 Simple Ways to Practice Mindfulness Mindfulness is a learned skill where we deliberately focus and pay attention to what is happening in the present moment without judgment or criticism. Below are 5 simple ways you can incorporate mindfulness into your life: Daily meditation. A good ...Read More

Where Do You Get in Your Own Way?

Do any of these tendencies seem like you? · I frequently interrupt others when they are speaking. · I am too easily distracted (emails, texts, etc.) during meetings and/or conversations. · I talk too much in meetings (i.e., I “take up too much space”). ...Read More

Don’t Let Anxiety Control Your Life

Anxiety is familiar to everyone due to the many stresses and complexities of modern life. But about 25 percent of U.S. adults have a serious problem with anxiety at some time in their lives. “Unlike fear, which is usually directed toward a concrete thing or ...Read More

Having a Difficult Conversation: How to Mediate Conflict Between Employees

It’s not a fun part of being the boss. But you know that if you don’t deal with it, it will only get worse. It may be something as common as creative differences, or something as severe as abuse allegations, but whatever the matter, conflict among colleagues ...Read More