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Cascade Centers’ mission is to
support organizational success and improve quality of lives

Cascade recently introduced the WholeLife Scale, a Behavioral Health Risk Assessment (BHRA), developed to:

· Integrate mental health into workplace wellness campaigns
· Increase EAP utilization
· Bring awareness to mental health
· Reduce Mental Health Stigma
Reduce the high costs of mental health concerns in the workplace
· Provide a snapshot of the state of mental health in your workplace
· Improve quality of life

WLS Questions

Complete Mental Health Appraisal

Learning about one’s mental health state can take hours and multiple assessments. A tool to assess all aspects of mental health has never existed, until now.

The WholeLife Scale is a highly valid and reliable measurement tool used similar to that of a traditional wellness HRA. Cascade’s proprietary question set provides immediate feedback and solutions for nine different domains. Below is a sample of an individual summary report:

WLS Summary


· Complete Mental Health Appraisal
· Can be completed within 8-10 minutes
· Online HIPAA compliant platform
· Individual Summary
Immediate In-Assessment feedback
· Executive Summary
· Participation Reports
· Professional Outreach and Support

WholeLife Directions – Total Wellness Campaign


The WholeLife Directions campaign is included with the WholeLife Scale, to promote overall wellbeing. The campaign is based on the outcomes of each company’s aggregate WholeLife Scale results. This allows a continued focus on reducing the stigma of mental health concerns, and providing support to the member, family members, and family coworkers.

Cascade provides a menu of options and the ability to take a customized approach, based on the needs of your specific population. Our suggested campaign outline includes four phases:

· Phase One: Stigma and Awareness
· Phase Two: Self Care
· Phase Three: Care for Others
Phase Four: Your WholeLife

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WholeLife Scale for your employees.
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